Optimizing Campaigns for Your eCommerce Business

26 Jun , 2017 Blog

Optimizing Campaigns for Your eCommerce Business

When you are running an eCommerce business it is important to focus on getting returns higher than the investment. To receive the best returns on investment possible it is important to optimize the campaigns properly. Learn how to calculate your ROI and you will find it easier to make smart investment decisions. Listed below are a few ways to optimize eCommerce campaigns for maximum returns.

Analyze All Assisted Conversions

Assisted conversions are the sales you receive from ad-clickers who visit the site, leave and then return to buy later. By analyzing the advertisements and keywords that assist the conversion you can optimize your website. This will allow you to add more similar ads to the ones that are generating the most conversions.

Add Relevant Tags

Use tags for all campaigns and mediums to conduct a deeper analysis of all conversions. Tagging makes the URL more valuable to search engines. It also allows you to see how exactly the user landed on your website by following the source page or advertisement.

Make ROI 2 the First Priority

To improve the overall performance of the store it is better to focus on the ROI 2 which are the assisted conversions. Since it is highly unlikely that a buyer clicks on your ad and buys right there and then you should focus on the assisted sales. Once the keywords and ads for the ROI 2 are optimized it will be easier to boost the ROI 1.

Improve Your Return on Ad Spend

You can find out the revenue generated on each dollar spent on advertisements to optimize the returns. To get the most returns out advertisements it is important to increase the money spent on them. A low ROAS means you should reevaluate the amount spent on ads and invest as much as you can into spending.

Automate Processes

Automating reports to get an insight into the user’s experiences and how they are affecting the profits made by your business. The API and automation reports let you see real-time results from your campaigns and compare the results with those of last week or last month. It also lets you know whether the CPA has increased or not which can be very helpful.

For large websites, focusing on the optimization of single campaigns can help produce a difference in the ROI and ROAS results. The better the campaigns, the bigger the returns.

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